Monthly Archives: June 2024

More protection if buying online

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act has become law after receiving Royal Assent. The Act paves the way to give consumers rights across the UK, with greater control and clarity over online purchases. It does this by requiring businesses to provide clearer information to consumers before they enter a subscription contract, remind consumers that…
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Tax when selling your home

According to HMRC, you would normally have to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any gain you make if you dispose of: a dwelling house (which can include a house, flat, houseboat or fixed caravan) which is your home; part of a dwelling house which is your home; or part of the garden attached to…
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Gender Pay Gap Reporting obligations

The full details of which organisations are required to report on gender pay gap data are published by the Government Equalities Office. The latest statutory guidance was updated 9 January 2024. An abstract of the definitions of who needs to report is set out in statutory guidance at The opening summary is reproduced below:…
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